Focus on your most valuable customers

80% of CSP revenue can be generated by just 20% of customers. Minimising churn from the most valuable customer accounts is critical in order to protect this revenue.

To achieve this, and to deliver a better experience for Corporate and VIP customers, CSPs must understand such subscribers better. They need to know which services are used and how well they work. By comparing actual with expected service levels, CSPs can take action more effectively in the event of issues and deliver a proactive, customised service to key accounts.

Polystar’s Corporate and VIP Insights solution delivers the insights you need to deliver a better, more personalised experience to key customers. It provides information about application usage and service levels, which can be used to support up- and cross-selling programmes, enabling more accurate marketing and better ROI.

The Corporate and VIP Insights solution also gives CSPs the ability to offer customised Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for each account. By offering tailor-made bundles, products and services that meet the real needs of premium clients, key account managers can create up- and cross-selling opportunities.

The unique insights can be integrated via data export interfaces into third party solutions, such as CRM, or BI platforms, increasing their business value. This builds a closer relationship with key account customers and ensures valuable data is shared between core business processes.