Manage your network experience

Today’s customers expect to always be connected. They demand that the network works, all the time. Customers that are not satisfied with performance may churn to another provider. Understanding your network and the quality it delivers is necessary to provide the maximum performance at minimum cost. Making sure your network always works to customer expectations will result in better customer experience and less churn.

Network analytics with the customer at its centre

Polystar offers a suite of solutions aimed at teams within Communications Service Providers (CSPs) that are responsible for the networks and services, such as Network Operations, Network Engineering, Roaming and Device teams. The solutions give users knowledge not only about the network, but also how customers are affected by it. In addition, they also provide information on how customer or device behaviour affects the network. This is vital to support troubleshooting, network investment and expansion, and operational service, and to ensure that customers receive the quality and performance they expect.