Deliver a customer-centric view of services

Today’s subscribers understand how well a network works through the performance of services such as Netflix and Facebook. These services are delivered across mobile networks, but they may not be under the control of CSPs. That’s why the service-level view is so important. To monitor and troubleshoot networks effectively, CSPs need to understand how their customers perceive their networks. Legacy approaches to network operations cannot deliver this perspective. It has to to evolve and transition to a new, service-oriented view. This will give CSPs insights that will help them deliver the right customer experience, at the right cost.

The service-centric view will be even more important in 5G, which is based on a service-oriented network. CSPs should consider beginning the transition from NOC to SOC today, in order to be prepared for the launch of 5G. They need visibility of the services that are consumed in their networks, so they can truly understand customer experience and service performance – and meet customer expectations.