Data to manage and grow your business

All businesses need easy and constant access to data to support and enhance decision-making processes. Polystar’s solutions deliver insights. These are obtained from signalling streams and can be used independently or combined with data from other sources.

These insights can be used for internal or external purposes. Used internally, these insights will help CSPs to optimise the way they manage their businesses, enhance customer relations, better define network investments, as well as to help them to identify new revenue streams

In addition, these insights can also be used to improve information exchange between engineering and management, giving management real-time insights regarding network performance and consumption. This helps management take better and faster investment decisions. These insights can also be used in an anonymised form with external partners, allowing CSPs to create new revenue streams.

Obtain real-time data to optimise business processes

Combine data from different sources to obtain an end-to-end, 360 degree overview

Find new monetisation opportunities for your business, internally or with external partners