A comprehensive portfolio of product training solutions

Our portfolio of training courses and resources helps our users to make the most of Polystar’s systems. They are based on skilled knowledge transfer and exchange, and are designed not only to share insights and to instruct in optimal utilisation of our solutions, but also to ensure you can use them efficiently and effectively to solve your unique challenges.

We combine theory with practical, hands-on learning, tailored to your specific system. All courses are delivered by subject matter and product experts. Our courses span all levels, from beginners and new users, to experienced specialists. Whatever your requirements, we can tailor delivery and content to suit your needs.

Training is typically offered on-site at your premises, ensuring that it is fully aligned with your operational environment and unique setup. This allows a comprehensive session to be delivered, with no restrictions on access to necessary platforms. It also maximises efficiency and reduces costs, particularly when there are many different personnel to involve.

Alternatively, courses can be delivered at our HQ in Stockholm, Sweden, which is designed to facilitate an effective training process and to maximise the benefits of your experience. We can also offer additional training programmes, as requirements evolve, and to ensure continuous learning.