A smooth path to VoLTE implementation

Solver is a scalable and powerful solution that enables CSPs to perform end-to-end testing of different voice service scenarios across LTE and legacy networks. Solver delivers accurate and independent network verification capabilities for LTE performance and services, including interoperability with legacy networks and multi-technology functions as SRVCC. Solver helps CSPs to assume full control of implementations and verify that suppliers have the right functionality in place to connect to new partners.

To keep customers satisfied and avoid churn, operators need to deliver consistent Quality of Experience (QoE). If they don’t, it will have serious implications for their revenue, costs and operating efficiency.
Solver enables CSPs to reduce churn by delivering consistent Quality of Experience to their subscribers. It is a complete, turnkey solution for stress and feature testing that helps CSPs assert full control over their networks, manage network upgrade projects, and ensure smooth network deployments. This helps ensure the best possible user experience and to minimise churn.
No special training is required, which means users can begin testing and troubleshooting straight away, saving time, resources and money.