Flexible, scalable testing

Solver is a high-performance load generation, stress and feature testing solution, spanning technologies all the way from 2G GSM, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, IMS to 5G.

Solver offers powerful, multi-protocol functionality and helps ensure smooth deployment and troubleshooting for the entire Mobile Core and IMS networks, or isolated nodes within the network. Proven in multiple deployments, it has won awards for its ease of use and advanced functionality.

By simulating traffic from the Radio Access Networks (RAN) or nodes within the Mobile Core/IMS, it helps CSPs and network equipment manufacturers to simplify performance analysis, assert control over their networks, manage upgrade projects, and confirm compatibility between equipment from different vendors.

Key Solver features:

Single platform for multiple network technologies

5G migration options

Control and User plane separation

Integrated with your Telco Cloud

Mobility support (inter and intra RAT)

Objective MOS scoring

Easy to use GUI and automation support