Enhance your solutions with Polystar’s Innovations

Our innovations enable you to deliver new capabilities, supported by the best products and services in the industry. Our OEM partners benefit from higher uptime, fewer support calls, increased customer satisfaction and enhanced revenue and growth. It’s a win-win, with our solutions contributing to your success and evolution.

Polystar’s unique data capture, filtering, correlation and analysis capabilities are the perfect foundation of your solution, enabling our partners to deliver outstanding Service Assurance and realise any Big Data Analysis or Customer Experience Management initiative. Supported by an open, extensible architecture and a range of APIs and dynamic data feeds, such as real-time CDRs, our solutions can easily be incorporated with those of our partners.

By adopting an open approach, we ensure compatibility with third party solutions and compliance to the widest range of interfaces. Our unique technology brings unprecedented value for partners and customers. Polystar’s solutions can be integrated with existing or new software, extending and enhancing their performance.