Service assurance monitoring for the CSP cloud

Introducing a new network topology and architecture doesn’t change the fundamental requirement for CSPs to deliver a first-class customer experience. Network visibility and optimised service assurance are equally important, regardless of whether the network is deployed using legacy infrastructure, is a hybrid combination of virtual and physical assets, or if it is fully cloud native. Service assurance monitoring remains essential, at every step along the migration journey.

Migration towards a full virtual and cloud native infrastructure is a gradual process – as a result, any monitoring solution needs to support deployment in a hybrid network environment, with both physical and virtual probes, seamlessly and on the same platform.

The Automation and orchestration of networks means that resources can be dynamically deployed and modified. This creates challenges as monitored traffic can no longer be captured in a specific point since traffic will move around the network dynamically and geographically. Monitoring capabilities must be integral to this new automated and orchestrated environment.

Support of both physical and virtual probes for legacy and NFV networks

A single platform covering all networks

Future-proof transition to cloud native architecture