North-bound integration delivers crucial data for CSPs

Big Data promises to revolutionise the way CSPs make decisions. It provides an unprecedented volume and variety of information, from more sources than ever before.

However, the quality of the new decisions that can be taken is dependent on the quality of the data they are based on. One of the most important sources of such data is the network. Polystar’s passive probes capture real-time network data and deliver this to your Big Data platforms, helping you to capitalise on a valuable source of relevant information.

This data provides detailed, real-time information on networks, services and customer experiences. By combining this with data from other sources, such as billing, social media and CRM, CSPs will gain a deeper and wider understanding than ever before.

Polystar’s OSIX Export is a complete suite of tools that enable northbound integration with external platforms. With OSIX Export, it is easy for a CSP to import some or all of the data Polystar offers to a Big Data system.