Management Committee – Polystar OSIX

Polystar’s executive team is composed of outstanding leaders that collectively offer decades of industry experience, unrivalled expertise and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs. The team provides the oversight and vision that ensures Polystar delivers excellence to its customers, success to our business and a thriving culture for our employees.

  • Photo of Anssi Okkonen

    Anssi Okkonen

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Photo of Thomas Nilsson

    Thomas Nilsson

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Photo of Kirsi Valtari

    Kirsi Valtari

    EVP Elisa Automate & CMO at Polystar

  • Photo of Ali El Beyaly

    Ali El Beyaly

    Acting Head of Global Sales

  • Photo of Katja Forss-Ormio

    Katja Forss-Ormio

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Photo of Jan Öhman

    Jan Öhman

    Chief Information Officer

  • Photo of Niclas Gramner

    Niclas Gramner

    Executive Vice President Services

  • Photo of Niklas Berglind

    Niklas Berglind

    Executive Vice President Development

  • Photo of Thomas Rowland

    Thomas Rowland

    Vice President, Strategy and Business Processes

  • Photo of Eva Hols

    Eva Hols

    Director Human Resources