Polystar outperforms sector with exceptional, sustained growth

Stockholm, Sweden, 20 February 2017 – Polystar, a leading supplier of Network and Customer Analytics, Network Monitoring, and Service Enablement solutions to the telecoms industry, today announced that it has enjoyed another exceptional year for business growth. Independent reports from well-known telecoms industry analysts have confirmed that Polystar has significantly outperformed its competitors, achieving sector-leading revenue growth rates.

During the period tracked, Polystar has been the fastest growing company in its core segment. Since 2014, it has experienced sustained annual revenue growth at a rate in excess of 30%, consolidating the continuous success it has secured since its foundation in 1983.

This growth has also been supported by significant investments in Polystar’s portfolio. Recently, Polystar has completely revamped its Insight Solutions range, and introduced its new product KALIX, which is already recognised as the leading solution for real-time telco and Big Data analytics.

Building on this momentum, Polystar has also extended its portfolio with new solutions for the monitoring and assurance of IoT services. Polystar has also ensured that its entire portfolio can migrate seamlessly towards the virtual network infrastructure increasingly demanded by CSPs and providing them with future-proof NFV deployment options. At the same time, many new innovations in VoLTE service assurance, service enablement, and high-performance stress and feature testing, among others, have been recently released.

“Even in challenging times, with CSPs becoming increasingly cost-conscious, the outstanding growth we have achieved is a clear endorsement in our portfolio and the way in which we do business,” commented Mikael Grill, CEO of Polystar. “We’re proud of our record, our investments for the future and the way in which we have managed to remain both innovative and relevant to our customers and partners.”

In addition, Polystar’s new Managed Services offer has been launched, helping customers and partners to fine-tune solutions to their specific needs. “This level of engagement ensures we stay close to our users, providing them with the skills and resources to ensure their investments are optimised”, added Mikael Grill. “Our customers know they can rely on our teams to provide the operational capabilities and competence they require.”

The sustained success has also been accompanied by an increase in global footprint and in staffing levels, with an on-going recruitment programme to bring the Polystar team ever closer to its customers and partners. Polystar’s growth is set to continue with many new customers having chosen to invest in its solutions, increasing the deployed user base and growing its presence around the globe.

About Polystar

Polystar enables Communications Service Providers to achieve excellence in CEM, Big Data Analytics, Service Assurance, Network Monitoring, Service Enablement and High Performance Testing. We help CSPs to simplify their CEM strategies and drive operational efficiency through real-time network analytics. Polystar’s real-time Network and Customer Insights uncover a goldmine of data, which yields indispensable analytics to CSPs. Polystar is recognised as one of the fastest-growing companies in Sweden. Since our foundation in Stockholm in 1983, we have experienced continuous and sustainable growth, and evolved to a global presence, serving our customers in over 50 countries.


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Director of Marketing
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