Ooredoo chooses Polystar to enhance customer insights and improve subscriber experience

Stockholm, Sweden, 23 February 2017 – Polystar, a leading supplier of Network and Customer Analytics, Network Monitoring, and Service Enablement solutions to the telecoms industry, today announced that Ooredoo Tunisia, the leading mobile network operator in Tunisia, has selected Polystar’s solutions to deliver rich customer insights and to improve subscriber experience.

Ooredoo has embarked on an ambitious programme of operational change, to introduce a more customer-centric focus. As part of this transformation, it needed the ability to be able to more rapidly generate attractive offers for its subscribers and to be able to perform accurate segmentation. To achieve this, Ooredoo required a solution that would not only provide network quality monitoring but one that would also provide crucial insights that can be used to more effectively target its marketing efforts.

The combination of Polystar’s KALIX and its Customer Insights Solutions enabled Ooredoo to meet this goal, providing a comprehensive platform that delivers both the network performance information and the insight into subscribers and services required.

The award-winning KALIX solution provides clear performance indicators which are presented through rich, visual Insight Portals and which reveal valuable information regarding service usage, device activity and subscriber performance. In turn, this insight can be used to drive highly targeted and segmented campaigns to promote new offers to different subscriber groups.

“We needed to replace a legacy solution that did not provide the insight and intelligence with the flexibility we required to support our customer-centric focus,” commented Hatem Mestiri, CTO of Ooredoo Tunisia. “The Polystar team not only met all of our technical requirements, but also gave us additional functionality to enrich our knowledge of customer experience.”

In addition, Polystar’s solutions support virtualisation and are fully compatible with the overall vision of the Ooredoo Group as it moves to adopt virtualised network technology and infrastructure in the future. “KALIX and the Insight Solutions have been designed with the user in mind, allowing easy access to rich intelligence, obtained from the network,” commented Basel Shubair, MENA Regional Sales Director at Polystar. “At the same time, we’ve made the architectural changes to ensure that our solutions are fully aligned with plans to virtualise networks.”

The deployed solution has given Ooredoo the insights it needs to implement its customer-centric transformation plans. With clear visibility of real-time subscriber experience available from a range of measures, Ooredoo can leverage these insights to proactively plan and execute relevant, targeted campaigns, based on clear segmentation of its user base, across subscribers, devices and services. KALIX and the Insight Solutions have become the foundation of Ooredoo’s efforts to improve customer experience and to increase operational efficiency.

About Ooredoo Tunisia

Ooredoo Tunisia, a subsidiary of Ooredoo Group, is a Telecom Operator leading the mobile market in Tunisia with more than 7M subscribers. In addition to mobile services, Ooredoo Tunisia offers a large portfolio of Telecom services for corporate customers such as fixed broadband, cloud solution and IT managed services including security and IP telephony. Ooredoo Tunisia is operating an extended national fiber network as well as its own submarine cable “Didon” connecting Tunisia to Europe where has set presence in major cities such as Paris, London, Palermo.

Ooredoo Tunisia is continuously working on getting closer to its international customers by enlarging its international presence and offering the best service quality by enhancing the resilience of its architecture.

For more information, please visit www.ooredoo.com

About Polystar

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