2016 Stevie AwardStockholm, Sweden, 25 August 2016 – Polystar, a leading supplier of Network and Customer Analytics, Network Monitoring and Test solutions to the telecoms industry, today announced that KALIX, which empowers an entirely new way of creating a data-driven customer-centric environment, has been honoured with a Gold Stevie Award.

Nominated for its success in realising the potential of data analytics for telecoms operators, KALIX has been selected as a Gold Stevie Award winner in the Best New Product of the year category for software-based mobile operations management solutions.

KALIX, which had its global launch in February 2016, is an innovative addition to Polystar’s portfolio and provides a completely unified real-time view of networks, services and customers. It enables Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to obtain greater value from network data in a more agile way.

KALIX represents a radical “new approach” to Telco analytics, which empowers CSPs to “make better sense” of the “data captured from their networks”, – commented IBA’s award judges. It makes data available for all – democratising telco analytics for business and technical teams alike. This is a critical development, driven by the need to access and make sense of data, support increased service diversity, and to deliver the best experience to all users. In essence, as the judges remarked, KALIX results in the conversion of “data into insight” for CSPs.

Kalix Polystar

Polystar’s KALIX honoured as best new product.

KALIX has been created to empower an entirely new way of delivering the data-driven environment that CSPs need to make more sense of their networks, address key challenges in their markets, and become more agile,” commented Inna Ott, Director of Marketing at Polystar. “Winning a Gold Stevie Award is clear indication of industry recognition for the innovation that is at the core of KALIX. We are honoured and delighted to have won this prestigious award.”

This innovation enables all stakeholders to ask and answer questions about data. KALIX has already been shown to have a direct positive impact on customer experience by reducing the time taken to solve customer issues. In particular, the judges noted a “truly exemplary” focus on customer service and the “great success” already achieved. KALIX has been chosen by several operators in the first six months since launch. It has produced many positive results and has been shown to reduce customer churn in live networks.

Not only is KALIX an outstanding new addition to the Polystar portfolio, it is also, in the judges’ words, an “innovative concept” and “among the best of such solutions” that will unlock value and insight through continuous evolution and customisation to meet specific CSPs’ requirements. The “reduced time to action and other benefits” make Polystar a “great candidate for Best New Product”, while the approach is recognised as being likely to create new “opportunities”. The award follows Polystar’s success in winning other prestigious international awards.

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