Marketing Analytics: From the macro to the micro – what matters for you?

A deep-level understanding of the behaviour of your subscribers is very important. If things are changing, you need to know what these are, so that the significance can be determined. You need to understand what services subscribers are consuming, track usage patterns and predict new trends. You need to be able to collect real-time data, filter and sort it so that relevant information can be exposed. The collection and interpretation of such data is referred to as marketing analytics.

With the right information in hand, marketers can develop and launch offerings that actually reflect real user behaviour. Such tailored offers can be more easily differentiated, and it becomes simpler to maintain value to their consumers. Equally, business and price models can be adapted much more quickly to changes in customer behaviour, for example increased video consumption and download.

Inna Ott, Director of Marketing at Polystar, shares her thoughts around marketing analytics in the Com World Series latest blog post.


Inna Ott
Director of Marketing
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