Polystar introduces marketing analytics solution for Telco marketers

Stockholm, Sweden, 24 June 2013 – Polystar, a leading supplier of Service Assurance, Network Monitoring and Test Solutions for the telecom market, announced today that it expands its Customer Insight solution and introduces “Marketing Analytics” for telco marketers. The product is designed to deliver comprehensive real-time subscriber awareness and enhanced business intelligence of over-the-top (OTT) application usage.

Polystar’s “Marketing Analytics” solution removes the complexity of the detailed signalling information and visualises Intelligent Data in a simplified and digestible manner. Data enrichments enable mobile telecommunication marketers to gain a better understanding of their subscribers’ behaviour, usage patterns and customer’s preferences to further improve service quality. As a result, Mobile Network Operators can run their operation more efficiently, and increase customer loyalty.

Polystar’s “Application Recognition” (Deep packet inspection (DPI)), combined with the “Marketing Analytics” application enables Mobile Network Operators and service providers to go well beyond conventional network monitoring and troubleshooting. The advanced Polystar solutions offer sophisticated network analytics and enhanced troubleshooting capabilities, as well as real-time visibility of bandwidth consumptions and application utilisation down to each subscriber segment.

Extracting detailed traffic information in real-time has become an integral part in the information value chain for Big Data analysis in telecoms. The intelligent data of Polystar’s solutions delivers vital information for internal planning and marketing strategies. The new Polystar’s “Marketing Analytics” and “Application Recognition” (Deep Packet Inspection) applications are designed for marketing and product teams to perform comprehensive customer segmentation analysis, better understand service and product utilisation, and monitor marketing campaigns in a more efficient manner. As an example, Mobile Network Operator might look into details on how different customer groups behave and utilise the available set of services in relation to their subscription plans, and how age and gender generate different scenarios. By analysing customer profiles and utilisation, subscriptions and price plans can be continuously improved and adopted. Besides, Polystar “Marketing Analytics” give network operators the ability to monitor the utilisation and service quality and evaluate the success of new services introduction.

The “Marketing Analytics” reporting capability is also beneficial for device analysis, where operators gain valuable information on usage and performance of handset devices from a vendor or model perspective. Through the device identity information, the data is enriched with the vendor and model for each event or transaction. This makes it feasible to continuously analyse both existing and new handsets. The best performing devices can be strategically selected for future campaigns or in subscriptions, while the worst performing devices can be avoided.

While using Polystar’s mobile aware Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) capabilities and “Marketing Analytics” solution, network operators gain valuable insight on how OTT voice services (mVoIP) affect the operator’s voice business and OTT messaging services – SMS or MMS revenues.

“We are continuously expanding the boundaries of our product portfolio, and we are about to take a big leap with our next product release in September,” commented Mikael Grill, CEO of Polystar. “The introduction of 10Gbps real-time DPI Application Recognition capabilities and the “Marketing Analytics” application are important milestones in our Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Big Data analytics strategy. Our customers will be able to differentiate themselves in the competitive environment, optimise their marketing strategies, further improve Quality of Experience and find new ways to monetise network Big Data.”



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Director of Marketing
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