Solve the most important issues first

Minimising the effect of network issues on customer experience is a key concern for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). There will always be issues in a network. What matters for Network Operations Centres (NOC) is to know which issues affect more customers and which issues only a few. Prioritisation is critical, so that issues affecting many users can be resolved first to minimise the risk of churn and to maximise overall customer experience.

NOC teams need tools that are customer centric: tools that can show not only network and service KPIs, but also how customers experience the network.

Polystar’s NOC Insights is a complete set of tools that enable a NOC team to:

  • Monitor networks and receive alerts on any issue
  • Prioritise issues based on customer impact
  • Isolate issues and direct them to the right experts
  • Drill-down to the signalling level for micro analysis