Know your network

Today’s customers expect continuous, always-on connectivity. They demand that the network to which they subscribe works, all the time. Customers that are not satisfied with performance may churn to an alternative provider. Understanding your network and the quality it delivers are pre-requisites to provide maximum performance at minimum cost. Exceeding customer expectations by delivering outstanding network quality and performance results in better customer experience and reduced likelihood of churn.

Real-time network analytics

for outstanding customer experience

Polystar’s real-time network analytics gives Communication Service Providers (CSPs) the insight and knowledge to run their networks more efficiently. It’s not just about the insights CSPs can gain about quality of experience – such as session level data and application level data – it’s about how these insights can be used effectively. Polystar’s Network Insight solution helps CSPs turn network data into actionable intelligence and enables them to quickly obtain a visual understanding of network and service performance, across different domains and technologies. This information can be mapped to the QoE of individuals or customer groups.