Help resolve customer requests faster

Customer service is a crucial element of delivering a superior overall experience. It’s a moment of truth for Communication Service Providers (CSP) and is essential for building strong customer relationships and loyalty. Customers want to be helped quickly and with the minimum of fuss, without being passed between different agents. CSPs need to equip customer care teams with the resources to achieve this and to create an outstanding experience.

Polystar’s Subscriber Analytics solution provides the information customer care agents and support teams need to solve customer issues, quickly and efficiently. The solution can be either integrated with CRM systems or used standalone with its clear and user-friendly dashboards.

The Subscriber Analytics information allows agents to quickly identify the issue affecting the customer, review network conditions or services that have been used. As a result, more issues can be resolved during the first call, which reduces the frequency of escalations to more expensive second line support, saving time and money. This leads to more satisfied customers and a better experience.