Deliver personalised offers and targeted marketing campaigns

Subscribers rely on their connected smartphones and applications. The services they consume and their behaviour patterns change all the time. To secure competitive advantage, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) must not only keep pace with changing user behaviour, they must be ahead.

Customers need services from CSPs that can constantly evolve to fit their personalised needs. In order to offer such services, CSPs should continuously understand the needs of different customer segments and learn from their behaviour and preferences.

With Marketing Analytics, CSPs can offer more appropriate tariff plans and upgrade packages; promote relevant applications, services or devices; upsell new offers; and measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. The rich data obtained can also be used to create new partnership opportunities with OTTs and other providers.

Marketing Analytics enables CSPs to build competitive advantage, differentiation and leadership through closer customer relationships that give users new services and solutions tuned to what they really want and need.