Understand your network
and customers

Polystar’s Insight solutions give access to rich information that helps Communication Service Providers (CSPs) understand their networks and subscribers better. They convert raw network and systems data into actionable intelligence and enable better service, better operations and better customer experience. The insights obtained, help CSPs drive network and operational efficiency and reduce churn.

Polystar’s solutions can be deployed on any network technology, covering 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE and VoLTE from a single platform, and on any protocol or interface, reducing cost of ownership and simplifying deployment.

The Insight solutions have been optimised to present relevant information tailored to the needs of different stakeholders in a CSP’s organisation, such as management, network operations, customer care, product management and marketing. It’s a complete, unified, visualisation tool that improves inter-departmental communications and understanding across many areas of the business.

NFV-ready for future proof deployment

All of our solutions are NFV-ready, which means they can be deployed in a fully virtualised architecture. This enables smooth migration towards next generation NFV / SDN, securing your investment and maximising ROI.

Whatever your NFV migration strategy, you can confidently invest in Polystar’s solutions, secure in the knowledge that their performance is guaranteed and is compatible with your network transformation plans.