Real-time, continuous network performance monitoring

In order to maintain a first-class customer experience and proactively prevent network and quality degradation, advanced real-time monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities are crucial to any organisation operating networks.

Polystar’s OSIX product is a powerful, flexible network monitoring probe system that extracts information from the control and user plane and makes it accessible in real-time. In addition to full, end-to-end capabilities, OSIX offers continuous monitoring of 100% of transactions in real-time, ensuring that no data is lost or information missed. All transactions in the network are captured, processed, consolidated and stored for real-time or historic reporting.

It can also store data for retrieval and aggregate information for efficient reporting and analysis. OSIX is the foundation of Polystar’s solution offerings for Big Data analytics, CEM, and Service Assurance in 2G, 3G, LTE, VoLTE, IMS and other networks. By linking OSIX with the Jupiter product, a complete package to support Polystar’s Network and Customer Insight solutions can be enabled.

The end-to-end view of service performance can be mapped to each and every subscriber, enabling the most accurate picture of experience and quality to be obtained both in real-time and historically.

Polystar Osix